Since childhood we are taught to behave in a society properly and do not freely express our feelings. Do not express your emotions when you are with the other people, consistently withstand troubles, do not feel the the soul pain, do not bend and not break under any blows of fate. Very often the decision to suppress the feeling, to put all your emotions away, is made and in adulthood — as a reaction to the experienced pain, loss or disappointment.

Modern culture, mass media and advertising imposed on us stereotypes of «successful man» who does not feel anger or rage, reaches his goals and never gives up. We are struggling trying to achieve this successful image, resulting in displacement of our true feelings, forgetting about our dreams, building impenetrable barriers and accumulating conventional values invented by society.
And life in the full pressure suit begins, in the armor of our own protection, without permission to feel anything … or even love or hate … Sometimes indifference is more painful than the hardest pain …

But at some moment a person wakes up, trying to escape from captivity and asks himself the questions: What do I really feel? What do I dream about? Why I do not allow myself to express my real feelings? Where does this grief appear inside and emptiness, which can not be filled?