José Ortega y Gasset thought, that true face of the society can be seen only with fleeting look. Modern technologies increased the pace of our lives even more. It seems that person have no opportunity even for a second to stop and think about the essence of things around.

During a day almost the whole life passes through the gadgets, that became inseparable part of the existence of modern person. Technologies provide us with the access to any information such, as visual, sound or text. We basically live in the world of small screen, which can replace us the whole Universe. Everything can be done on distance in real time, everything can be simulated from rain to personal happiness. Imitation of reality is overall context of nowadays.

Installation Rain is based on the idea of coexistence of human being and nature, their alienation due to increasing of technological development of the world. The so called rain imitation in the landscape of nature is like a pause, that takes a person by surprise in the rush of big city. Stop and listen, feel the cool air and plunge into the inner self, synchronise the rhythm, overcome transcendental gap between micro- and macro universe and become whole.

Our lives depend more and more in microcircuit, but each of us can build his/her own microcircuit of being, and in such way put in doubt Cartesian claim about human’s domination over nature. Human and nature are not opposite to each other, they are united, followed from each other, flowing and interacting regardless technological development or level of urbanisation.

Artwork with the Art Group Light, author of the text Olga Chekotovska