Human body represents certain boarder, which divides inside and outside, personal and public. In conditions of permanent being in social medias, human body becomes a part of personal representation, it can attract, sell, rise socio-economic problems, it is a field of choice of self identity. Such identity is often crystallized by comparing yourself with cultural stereotypes, that exist in society; is also crystallized through tough moments of life, personal feeling and transformations. All that amount of experience creates us and forms the path into the future. Our body is a dialogue between something totally personal and something public. It is our trace in time, our search of self, our courage and spirit to declare of our being and pain, a way of escaping from ourselves and shield from our phobias. The process of taking off skin and showing private to public turned out to be painful, on one hand this process had united members of Art Group Light, on the other hand it had created discomfort, that gave each one of us a new experience in search of personal identity. “No Name” is a project about transformation of physical body into non-material search of self, as plastic structure, which in modern hybrid world can adapt to any changes, retaining its’ unique personal experience.

Artwork with the Art Group Light, author of the text Olga Chekotovska