Joseph Beuys argued that everyone was an artist. But what makes an artist an artist? Where is the boundary between the personality of the artist and his work? How does the artist find himself among the surrounding circumstances, people and objects? How do insights come? In Silence is a project on the self-identification of an artist in a world that is so rapidly changing that it is becoming more difficult to stop and find true yourself, it’s harder to understand where creativity begins and reality ends. Without losing himself, and at the same time, constantly looking for new himself, the artist is constantly searching for interconnections, understanding events, memories, feelings, dreams, impressions. All these are reflections of the subconscious, special traces that someone or something left on the body of his life. From the ancient times, known in Eastern philosophy, the practice of internal silence and stopping at the current moment allows you to penetrate into the deep reflections on what is truly important. Own emptiness that goes outside, merging with the surrounding emptiness, looking like, well-known, familiar. Moment of silence, pause. The moment when you can stay in silence about the main things.