This second is now just a page in the book. An infinite number of pages that we turn. Erasing the page of memory, we quickly turn it over, pretending that nothing has happened.

Or maybe we just forget everything we want to forget, or still forgetting happens independently of us? Will the memories be as vivid over time as they are now? Or will they change and transform under the influence of time into something completely different?

It is not possible to correct the erased, it is possible to turn pages only in one direction. And is it possible to return to that important moment, is it possible to completely restore it in memory?

Memory is characterized by abrasiveness, its pages can injure, scratch or damage even the most durable metal. And with each turned page more and more becomes erased, words, images, smells and sounds disappear. The ruptures in the pages are getting bigger. You try to grab and restore, but the abrasive has done its job, and now this is your page. Erased page. Page of memory. Lost page.