Yulia Zakharova

Yulia Zakharova was born in Kyiv. Graduated from Kyiv National Economic University. V. Hetman. In 2010-2013 she studied the history of art and academic drawing on private lessons in V. Laptieva’s studio. In 2014 -2015 she studied at the School of Contemporary Art at the Institute of Contemporary Art in the direction of «artist». In 2019 she studied at the Kyiv Academy of Media Arts in the direction of «artist».

Since 2016 she is a co-founder of the Art Group Light. With the Art Group Light, a number of exhibition projects in galleries and public space were implemented. In 2016 with the Art Group Light became the finalist of All-Ukrainian Contest for young artists named after N. Altman (performance “Connections”). In 2017, took part in the residence of Biruchiy Art School (Poland).

Participated in many festivals (International Land-Art Symposium Mogrytsya, Land-Art Festival Wind, Land-Art Festival Mithogenesis) solo and group exhibitions.

She works in such media as painting, installation art, video and photography. In her works she investigates the problems of individual and collective memory, time, trauma and posttraumatic syndrome, environment and urbanisation, as well as self-awareness in the modern information society. Lives and works in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Below is a list of selected exhibitions and contests.

Participation in group and solo exhibitions:

17/12/2019 – 30/06/2020 Piedmont dreams. Montecchi Capuleti. Kyiv, Ukraine

03/03/2020 – 03/04/2020 Habitat. Lavra gallery. Kyiv, Ukraine

06/09/2018 – 30/09/2018 I am SINoptic. Act Art-factory «Platform». Kyiv, Ukraine

29/07/2018 — 26/08/2018 27/7. Act Art-factory «Platform». Kyiv, Ukraine

29/11/2017 – 13/12/2017 Her space. Art Space «Lab24». Kyiv, Ukraine

01/11/2016 – 18/11/2016 In Silence. Art Space «SKLO» Kiev, Ukraine

10/06/2016 – 10/07/2016 Life after … Art-factory Platform. Kyiv, Ukraine

03/02/2016 — 12/02/2016 Place. Time. Art Space «SKLO». Kyiv, Ukraine

25/05/2015 — 09/06/2015 Hybrid reality. IPSM Kiev, Ukraine

26/01/2015 – 16/02/2015 Grain of new: time as reality. IPSM Kiev, Ukraine


2017 —  Biruchiy Art School Complex of Agribusiness School them. M. Rataya. Clementovice, Poland

Awards in contests:

2016 — Finalist of the III All-Ukrainian Contest for young artists named after N. Altman. Vinnitsa, Ukraine. Project «Connections», with the Art Group Light.

Participation in group exhibitions and projects in the Art Group Light:

02/02/2018 – 25/02/2018 Exhibition of documentation of works performed at the Winter Lend-Art Festival Mythogenesis-2017. Presentation of the work «Untitled». Vinnitsa, Ukraine

29/11/2017 – 13/12/2017 Her space. Art Space «Lab24». Project «No Name». Kyiv, Ukraine

12/10/2017 – 28/10/2017 Digest of the XX All-Ukrainian Land Art Symposium “The space of borders”. Gallery Soviart. Presentation of the work «Outside the Zone». Kyiv, Ukraine

07/09/2017 — 17/09/2017 Gogolfest Festival. ArkSquat Performing action «Body». Kyiv, Ukraine

05/05/2017 — 07/05/2017 New Wave Exhibition of Contemporary Art. Documentation for the «Connections» performance. Lviv, Ukraine

21/01/2017 Exhibition of residents of Biruchiy Art School. Complex of Agribusiness School named M. Rataya. Installing «Revelation». Clementovice, Poland

21/12/2016 — 25/12/2016 Exhibition of finalists of the 3rd All-Ukrainian Contest on Modern Art for Young Artists named after Natan Altman. Documentation for the «Connections» performance. Vinnitsa, Ukraine

22/10/2016 Installation «Liberation». Park of the National Complex Expocenter of Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine

05/07/2016 – 12/07/2016 Installation «Rain». National Botanical Garden named after. M Grishka of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Kyiv, Ukraine